Musical Darts

A few weeks ago I got to be a substitute for Primary Music at church teaching the kids 3-8.  I found a great idea for musical darts from the blog i heart primary music

This idea was SO simple to put together and the kids LOVED it!  This idea could also easily be adapted for other things too!

Here’s the how to:

I choose the 8 songs I wanted to do and simply typed them up and printed them off and cut into strips.


Next we rolled the paper up really tight to place in the straw.  The trick is to make the center really tight otherwise when you blow through the straw the paper won’t come out. (I know the picture is a little blurry but hopefully you get the idea).


Finally print off a target

(with a little luck you won’t run out of magenta ink in your printer like I did!)


Then let the kids come up and pick their dart aim and fire away!


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2 Responses to Musical Darts

  1. Michelle says:

    Love this idea for singing time! Can you tell me where you got your target from? It doesn’t pop up when I do a google search. Thanks!!

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