Summer Party!

Friday school let out for the Summer here.  To kick off our summer right we decided to invite some friends over and hold a welcome to Summer Party (or 2)!  I found a fantastic idea on Design Dazzle to create a human game board.  This was perfect!  Inexpensive, simple to pull off and TONS of fun.

We simply cleared the patio and drew a giant game board across it:



The rules were simple.  Roll the dice #1-5 move that many spaces.  If you rolled a 6 then you got to take the Hat.  I had a fun hat that passed between players either by rolling a 6 or landing on a take the hat space.  At the end of the game whoever was wearing the hat got an extra prize.

We had our table of fun holding everything we needed for each square.  Such as Christmas in May – take a candy cane and a giant jump rope for everyone to take a turn with.


Here were a few or our squares:


The thimble game was a favorite.  Simply find a thimble fill it with water and think of a category.  The person who is it picks something within in it like Colors and they pick red.  Then they go around the circle each person naming a color.  When the color you selected is named you toss the water on them.  That person then becomes it.

Pictionary and everyone gets a piece of candy were also crowd pleasers.  However the most favorite square that everyone hoped to land on was:


Tossing water balloons at a giant target!  Simply draw a HUGE target on your driveway fill lots of water balloons. ( I’m not sure you could have too many) and launch away!

The party was done before we even realized it we were having so much fun! (and clean up was a breeze the rain washed it all away!)

Do you have a fun summer tradition?  Leave me a comment I would love to know what it is.  Thanks for checking in have a wonderful Wednesday!

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