Getting Old

I fear I don’t have much new material ready to go today so I decided to share something exciting that happened recently here.

For years getting a new DEEP kitchen sink has been on the 10 year plan (you know the list that keeps growing someday we will . . . .)

I am happy to report we get to cross one off our list!  This beautiful sink was recently installed in my kitchen!


And now we see how I can safely say I am getting old.

I remember as a kid thinking how strange it was when grown ups would ask for totally practical things that more often than not revolved around work.  Well I am delighted for a new kitchen sink and the chance to wash dishes in it! (Did you know a cookie sheet actually fits and the water covers over half the pan!  Bliss as far as washing dishes goes!)

So there you have it something magical around here to start your Monday.  Do you have a magical wish that shows I’m not alone in this getting old business?  Please share!

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3 Responses to Getting Old

  1. gavmomof2 says:

    How wonderful to have something crossed off that list! As a friend once told me, you aren’t old until you start worrying and obsessing about potty issues! So for now, we are good! 🙂 ~maria

  2. Soozee says:

    I LOVE your new sink, and living in an apartment with a very small sink, I am SUPER envious of your huge luxurious sink! Over half of a cookie sheet covered!?!?!?! That’s AMAZING!!!

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