Friday Faves


It’s the end of the school year and things just seem busy right now.  Thankfully Woody got his splint off his arm yesterday and hopefully we can get back to enjoying the beautiful weather and doing projects that require more than one arm!

Today I thought I would share a quick Friday Fave as we head into our final dance recital for the 2012-2013 year:

Curl formers.

  I have to be honest they are a bit pricey(We got ours at Sally Beauty Supply).

But we have LOVED them.

My daughter inherited my stick straight hair that does not hold a curl very easily.  We have tried foam curlers, curling irons etc.   Curl formers as super easy to put in (No more crimpy/snarly ends) and simple to take out.


We get perfect curls EVERY time!  Plus they can make it through the day sometimes 2 if we put enough spray gel!

I personally haven’t tried them but Purplicous says that they are easier to sleep on than foam curlers too!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday!

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One Response to Friday Faves

  1. Soozee says:

    I want to try these sometime because, as we have previous discussed, I also have stick straight hair and I wish I could get it to curl sometimes!

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