Kind Words


Today I am sharing something I did for our Mother Daughter Activity. We had girls ages 8-11 and their mom’s come.  We focused the activity on making sure we speak kindly about and to those we come in contact with.

I am sure we have all been hurt by gossip of some sort in our lives. One of the speakers did a fabulous visual example of this. She had 3 girls come up and told the first girl she would pay her $20 if she could transfer the red glitter she was about to place in her hands to the next person and on down the line to the last.

The catch ALL of the glitter had to make it to the last girl.  None could fall to the floor or be left on their hands. Obviously if you have ever worked with glitter you know this is an impossible task.

The glitter just like our words goes everywhere. You can’t control them once they are out. She challenged everyone their to make sure they didn’t gossip and only spoke kindly to others.

For our activity we made DIY lip gloss.
It turned out as more of an exfoliant but the girls loved it!


The original idea came from HERE


  • Vaseline or Non petroleum jelly
  • crystal light
  • container for your gloss



Measure out your Vaseline then begin to add your powdered crystal light.  Mix well until it reaches your desired color.  Please note it will darken and soften a little after it has sat for about a day.  However it does not completely dissolve (thus the exfoliant part)

I also found this great poem I read to the girls and had tied up with a ribbon for each of them to take home:


I have this pot of lip gloss,
I’ll put some on each day.
I do it to remind me
To choose the words I say.

I’ll try to speak with kindness
to everyone I meet.
I’ll try to spread some happiness
to those that I may greet.

This pot of gloss reminds me
of the values I hold dear,
The colors are so cheerful
and the message is so clear.

If I want to live the gospel
I’ll choose each word I say
I’ll speak in just the kindest words
and I won’t forget to pray!

You can find the original with a printable copy HERE

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