May Day 2013

We had a blast delivering several May Day baskets this year!


The munchkins enjoyed the week of prep – painting, cutting, and gluing.  We also had fun creating many fun bug baskets.  To see where we got our starting idea check out Mommyopolis


Here are a few of our final renditions:


Once the baskets were loaded, poem attached (thanks Skip to my Lou!)


We headed out for some fun deliveries.

The munchkins were ALL smiles as we rang and ran!


Apparently we weren’t quite as sneaky as we thought because a few people figured out it was us.  We hope in the end we brightened a few peoples days along our way.

I am also delighted to share an AMAZING May Day basket from one of my readers.  When I saw the picture I was blown away.  So creative and delicious!


If you want to see more check out her blog HERE at eclecticclamb she does some really fun and delicious things with food!  Click HERE for a link to her May Day basket post.

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2 Responses to May Day 2013

  1. eclecticlamb says:

    Your bug themed baskets are adorable. Thank you so much encouraging readers to make May Day baskets and for featuring mine! I was inspired by your initial post to make my edible basket.

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