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As I start this post I am going to be brutally honest.  I am not much of a home decorator person.  Don’t get me wrong I love to look in home decor magazines, I am in awe of other’s homes that are so put together and mesh and would love to put something like that together.  I however don’t possess that talent.  It’s OK we can’t all do everything.  We wouldn’t all be unique and different would we?

That being said since decorating the whole house seems like an insurmountable mountain to me.  I am currently keeping it simple to just one shelf.

Now you may or may not know that I LOVE decorating for the season/holiday.  I find it fun.  The challenge is that I need to also do this on the cheap.  Slowly I am working my way through the year and decorating a shelf in our house.  Currently we are at a bit of blank spot.  We started with this:


Last year I was able to pick up a discarded piece of a door from my brother’s wedding and whatever project my sister did with the other part.  I was elated to pick up the scraps.  I love the bit of cheer the turquoise scraps add to my drab little Spring shelf.


This year I added the frame.  It doesn’t look it in the picture but I promise it is more orange than red.  ( I also assure that one point the flower for bird sat straight however thanks to my boys it has become the perfect target for their Nerf gun)

(Yes Grandma & Grandpa I am holding you responsible for this one) 🙂


For the future I am considering adding a little pennant banner to my frame.  I also have my eye on a pair of rain boots that I am hoping will look good up on my Spring shelf.  I just need to wait for Purplicous to decide that they are indeed too small! 🙂

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