May -be?

Maybe you will join me in celebrating May day?

Image source: skip to my lou

Tonight as I am working on other projects instead of editing photos for a terrific post I realized that May Day is only 2 weeks away.

While it is not a HUGE holiday or one widely recognized I do love that it is a chance to anonymously leave a small basket of flowers or treats to brighten someones day.
(Let’s be honest my munchkins love any chance they get to “ring and run!”)

In light of the tragedy in Boston this week I can’t help but think couldn’t we all use a little sunshine in the midst of terrible things that are occurring around us?   While our hearts and prayers go out to those directly impacted by the tragedy I want to propose that we do something to bring a moment of joy to those around us.

I am proposing we make a few mayday baskets 1 -100 the choice is yours.

If you decide to join us I would love it if you emailed me a picture of your basket before you drop it off at it’s final destination.  Then on Friday May 3 I will do a post full of fun
May Day basket pictures.

Need a few idea’s for inspiration?  Here are a few I have gathered for us this year.

This one comes from Skip to my Lou who always seems to have fun May Day ideas. Details HERE with a printable already to go for you!

You can find the details for this fun can at Alphamom I love the use of googly eyes!

I love the idea of using a paper plate for your basket!  Perfect for kids of all ages to decorate.  Find out more details HERE at Lakeshore Learning.

I also think these are ADORABLE!  We might just have to give it a try!  Find the tutorial HERE on mommyapolis.

Last but not least here is a picture of our baskets from last year too.  Click HERE for details

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3 Responses to May -be?

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  2. eclecticlamb says:

    I want to email my May Day basket but could not find your email.

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