Moldable ice bags

In the not too distant past we had a little bit of a traumatic event occur (to the tune of 13 stitches some of which were internal).    I will spare you the pictures.  However, the need arose for an ice bag (or several).  I decided it was time to upgrade from the usual bag of frozen corn.



  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • water
  • ziploc bag
  • optional – food coloring for kid appeal 🙂


Mix 1 part Rubbing Alcohol to 3 parts water.  Push out what air you can from ziploc bag and place in freezer.

After a few hours you have a wonderful shapeable ice bag.  (*disclaimer when actually using please wrap ice bag in a towel or cloth)


Added bonus it appeared to stay a lot colder longer than our usual bag of frozen corn. 🙂

I’m even considering sewing up a little cloth for the ice pack to fit right into.  Perhaps fun fabric might add to the appeal for an injured kiddo!

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