Friday Faves

As a mom I am always on the lookout for great things to do with my kids or presents to get them etc.  So I have decided occasionally to throw in a Friday Faves post here on the blog.  I hope to feature different things we are really loving at the time.  My hope is perhaps you might find the information useful for your kids too.

Our first fave is what Thumper affectionately calls “my rolly dice game”  (to be authentic substitute a “w” sound for the r)

We picked up Roll and Play by Thinkfun at Christmas.  I had read it was a great beginning game for toddlers.  SO TRUE! it instantly became a favorite at our house.  I love that everyone can play it doesn’t take too much time and my toddler now has a game they feel successful at during family game nights.

Added bonus it is great for working on taking turns and a few other education tasks too!

To play you roll the dice


then draw a card with the corresponding color.


Each color contains a different task to complete.


  Green animal sounds (bark like a dog),  blue colors (find something red), purple body parts (rub your belly), orange counting (count 5 fingers), yellow emotions (giggle, laugh) and red is actions (play pat-a-cake)

Thumper would play this game ALL DAY LONG if people were willing!

 Our second Friday Fav

Lego art by Nathan Sawaya


This exhibit was at the Kimball Art Center in Park City
(bonus it is a free exhibit!)


if you are in the area you should check it out!  It is amazing what one can create out of simple Lego building blocks.


There you have it what we are currently loving!

Have a FABULOUS Friday and thanks for stopping by!

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