Calling “uncle”

I have several pending projects like this:


and photos waiting to be edited for delicious recipes such as this one:


Even a few fun activities to go with a Julia Donaldson book for a virtual book club for kids I want to participate in.


However, sadly tonight I am calling “uncle”and taking it easy.  Life has been a little stressful with an unexpected visit to the doctor over the weekend.  We are counting our blessings because it could have been worse (and it didn’t take all of the kings horses or all of the kings med to stitch my poor kiddo together again) and so far my patient seems to be recovering well.  However, it has changed our game plan this week.

With a little luck I will have something Fabulous for Friday!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and thanks for checking in!

P. S.  If you have a few minutes and need something humorous yet OH SO truthful to read I quite enjoyed this yesterday  CLICK HERE

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