Pi {e} Day 2013!

Pi {e} day 2013 was a success!

We spent part of the day creating delicious pies!piday
(I had an excellent pastry chef as my assistant!)

This year’s line up was:


Vanilla pudding pie with graham cracker crust, chocolate cream pie,
coconut cream pie & apple pie.


(We also threw in a Chicken pot pie for dinner!)

We had a great time visiting with all who made it to our pie night!

Just for fun I thought I would also share one of our pie making tricks we tried out this year.   How to get a flat crust on your pie shell.

Simply line inside of your pie with tinfoil and fill about 1/2 way with beans (or wheat or rice).  Place in oven and start to cook your pie.


About half way through the baking time lift tinfoil out of pie (if pie crust sticks to tinfoil leave in pie for a few more minutes!)


Finish baking pie and voila a flat crust!


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