Seuss Day (the wrap up)

Are you tired of Seuss Day posts?  I promise this is the final one for the year!

Once we had our decorations ready, our treats ready all that was left was food and fun!

I think my most favorite part about this day is that we are all in the kitchen cooking together!  We even had a few extra helpers this year which added to the fun!


Thanks to the food being kept simple even Thumper was able to get in on the action and help with lots of the preparation!


For the menu this year we had


Green Eggs and Ham (roughly using the egg cup recipe from Our Best Bites HERE)


Cat and the hat fruit Kabobs


Pink Ink Yink Drink (say that 10 times fast!) and cat and the hat parfait’s
(a big hit with the munchkins this was a keeper!)


1 fish, 2 fish  red fish blue fish biscuits ( recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook)


and Trufula Tree’s for dessert

After feasting we played several Seuss inspired games.

Here are two of our favorites this year:


Roll a Lorax – I found this game HERE at Smashed Peas and Carrots.  I converted her pattern to work with my Silhouette machine.  This made making 10 sets SO much easier!


Cat in the Hat game you can find it HERE at Second Story Window.

I used both of the files she has to download.  One was a basic roll the dice place the corresponding number on the hat.  The second one I used the blank template and wrote Sums of  two dice rolled. This provided a little more of a challenge
for our more skilled players.

Well that’s a wrap!   Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

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