Dr Seuss Day decorations/art

Our first project for Dr. Seuss day was our Thing 1 and Thing 2 art project.

This was SO simple and lots of fun!


We only needed a few supplies and we were off!  Gather blue paint, a bit of water a paint brush, straws and your graphic.  We used an image from the internet that I dropped into photoshop and edited out the wild blue hair.


Next we dripped drops of watered down blue paint onto our paper


Then it was time to pick up our straws and blow


and BLOW simply keep adding more paint drops as needed.


I loved that even Dad got into the project with the munchkins.  It really was a family affair!


Oh and a word to the wise be smarter than us and START with newspaper under your projects so when those little windbags of yours go crazy you don’t end up with paint all over the table 🙂


In the end the munchkins may or may not have ended up slightly light headed but incredible pleased with their fun artwork to place around the house!


I originally found this idea HERE at Mom’s Tot School

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