Secret Agent

Our theme for the month for Activity Day Girls (want to know more? click HERE) was Service.  I decided to challenge the girls to be “Secret Service Agents” for a week.

When the girls arrived they were handed a packet like this:

secret agent
Inside were these papers I had downloaded from tHe fiCkLe piCkle:


We talked about service and brainstormed idea’s of things they could do.  Then each of us filled out our Mission Possible papers.

We also made these:


Our Secret Note holder.  Each girl was given a piece of thin cardboard I had cut do the size needed.  Then they traced the shape on the back of the scrapbook paper they picked out.  Next we glued the paper to the cardboard and laid a heavy book on it while it dried.  Next we got out our fun stamps and stamped the edges of our post it notes.  We finished the holder off by attaching a small binder clip with some ribbon tied onto it.  I found the original idea HERE

In addition to their service I challenged them to leave little notes for the people they love.  I am excited to hear how being a “Secret Service Agent” worked for them.  I know last weekend I extended it to our whole family.  We had great time with our Random Acts of Kindness we did where we live.  I loved the munchkins excitement and shock at how fun it was despite no one knowing  it was us!

Ready for Dr. Seuss Day on Saturday?  Our menu is planned!  Have a Fabulous Friday!



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