Angry Birds

At Christmas I had insider information that my Mother-in-law was making Angry Birds for the grandkids.  (you can find the tutorial to make them HERE)


With this in mind I decided to create a set of piggies for my husband’s sister’s family (truth be told I had hoped to make 2 one for my angry bird fan too . . .)

I found a fantastic tutorial HERE at Homemade Beauties By Heidi.  They recommended using Martha Stewart paint Spring Pastures for the green.  I HIGHLY recommend it as well!  The paint was sold out every time I went to get it.  So I chose another type that looked close instead.   It is hard to tell from the picture but it just didn’t cut it! (the one on the left is the old paint right is the MS Spring Pasture)


I ended up waiting until I found MS Spring pasture paint.  It was worth it!  The paint is thick and the PERFECT color.

First step after you gather your cans (goo gone works great to get the leftover label stuff off) is to paint them.  I did a base coat and then 2 coats of the right color!

Next I found an image of the angry piggies on the internet and sized it how I wanted it.  Then cut out the eyes and nose so I could trace that shape onto the cans to guide me while painting.  I forgot to get a picture but if you look close you can still see the pencil marks for the mouth on this one:


First I painted the noses.  To get the color I added white paint to the Spring Pasture until I had a shade I liked.  Then I painted the eyes.angry3

For my last step I added the details: pupils, eyebrows and mouths.

Voila piggies to be stacked and attacked!


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