Snowman Day part 3

Here is the final part of our snowman day (for now)  I thought I would have a couple of cool art projects to show you. Truthfully this is as far as we got:


We were having too much fun sledding 🙂

We did read some fun Snowmen books:

  This is one of our favorites.  A cute story about how snowmen are made and what the “special” ingredient is.

  We love both the book and the puzzle version!  If you haven’t checked out Caralyn Buener’s newest version

  You should!  The text is a great way to introduce kids to many different jobs people have.  The pictures are beautiful and easily captured the kids attention.

Last but not least the munkins enjoyed this book:

We enjoyed how CRAZY the BIG sisters looked, the repeating text and in the end it had a great message about teamwork and working together.

We finished up our fun snowman day with Snowman Pizza’s.


It was “snow much” fun to make them!


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