Snowman Day part 1

We are making the most of the cold snowy weather we have been having!  Purplicous had the day off from school Friday so I cooked up a day full of snowman fun.  The weather even cooperated by dumping over a foot of snow at our house!  (Sadly it wasn’t great snowman making snow but we had lots of fun sledding and playing instead!)


I am hoping the munchkins had as much fun as I did planning our activities.  Over the next couple of weeks I hope to share some of our fun snowman activities.  Maybe it will inspire you to have your own snowman party too!

Our day started with this delicious treat (er breakfast?)


Snowman pancakes with chocolate chips, sprinkles and marshmallows to boot!  Topped off with a turkey bacon scarf.  The shock and awe on the munchkins faces was delightfully fun.  It’s good to shake things up every once in awhile.


Hope you have a Marvelous Monday!

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