New Fashion Trend (a.k.a keeping it real)

Lest anyone accuse me of only showing the best moments here is a bit of real life in action.

Cue Christmas projects and looking at fabrics.  Only to discover a stack of fun flannel fabrics purchased for munchkins and give for oh. . .  Christmas 2011 with a lovely coupon saying “mom ran out of time this will be made up into jammies pronto” (in this case apparently pronto = almost 1 year exactly later!)

All month in December I was going to get to it and sew those pajama pants.  Praying that the fabric would be long enough still because I vaguely remembered one of the cuts having just barely enough and that was before a years worth of growth (ahem)

Late one night I finally got around to cutting the fabric only to discover while in the wash it shrunk 5 inches between the SELVAGES!  (Say what!!)

I was not a happy camper. This meant I had NO where near enough fabric.  Given the price and the purchase date of a year ago this was an issue.

After a bit of stress and much grumbling we came up with a solution.  One leg in fun fabric and one leg from the stash.  It still took me over a week to finally sit down and actually sew the pants!  But I am happy to report the final pair of pants was competed Christmas Eve.

Better late than never?


Pattern Information:

Simplicity  2826 (Great kids jammie pattern, not too much fabric, easy to read instructions and simple to make!)

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One Response to New Fashion Trend (a.k.a keeping it real)

  1. At Margareta's Haus says:

    What a creative idea! I had this happen to me as well. I had purchased two different patterns of flannel for PJ Pants for my son. After the wash they were about 5 inches to short. I ended up cutting a cuff for the bottom of the leg from the coordinating fabrics. In other words, one pair was green with brown cuffs and one pair was brown with green cuffs. My how creative we can be. Love your blog!

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