Stocking Update

Well I lost the friendly competition my mom and I had going as to who could finish their Christmas stocking first.


When December hit and I looked at my list of things I needed to get done and how much I still had to go on Thumper’s stocking and I knew I just didn’t have it in me.

I felt pangs of mother’s guilt all season when Thumper would ask “Where’s mine mom?”  Or randomly announce to anyone who came “Me no ocking” (translation I don’t have a stocking).

But it is a new year and a time to set new resolutions and I will try yet again to have it finished before next Christmas! (hopefully my readers don’t get sick of the monthly updates!)

Here is my progress after a year:


For fun I also thought I would throw in an up close shot of the Christmas stocking my mom did for my SIL.  I am hoping I can convince her to show us a picture of all 10 she has made!  It was pretty neat to see all the ones that were home up for Christmas this year.


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