Reason for the season

Last week for Family Home Evening we decided to base it on the Nativity Story and talk about why we celebrate Christmas.  As I was thinking about how to present this idea I came across a post on No Time For Flashcards for a Find and Fill Nativity lesson and Game.  I liked the idea and decided to tweak it a little bit and make it my own.

First create the Who am I cards (more on that later) and hide the pieces to a nativity set around the house.


For our FHE we pulled out the pieces to my wood nativity and as we read in the scriptures  the story of Jesus’ birth the kids helped me to place the pieces in the stable.  (I LOVE how everything is crowding the baby!)


Next I pulled out the Who am I cards I created (more on that later).  The munchkins took turns drawing a card and seeing if they could answer the question.


Then they were off on a scavenger hunt to find the matching nativity pieces to our Fisher Price Nativity set.


It was a fun activity and the munchkins did pretty good at remember what we had read about!  As the pieces were found they put together the munchkins nativity too!


For the Who am I cards I decided I wanted to make them to last.  So I created a little template in photoshop and typed in the information into each one.  Some I took from No Time for Flashcards for others I just created them myself.  I also left the
Find me in the ______ spot blank.  This way once the cards were laminated I could write the spot on them in dry erase marker.  Then next year (or this year as the kids want to repeat the activity) it can be changed up a bit each time.


If you are interested in a copy of my Who am I cards leave me a comment or send me an email.  I would be happy to share.

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43 Responses to Reason for the season

  1. megan says:

    I love this, could you please share. Thanks so much. Megan

  2. Nancy Feemster says:

    I teach 4 and 5 year olds Sunday school and would love to have a copy of the cards. Our story this week is the wise men so we could review all up to that point using your cards. Thank you so much!

  3. Meg koyle says:

    I just came across this – I would love to have a copy of your template cards. We are doing a child’s nativity scene craft for our super Saturday in October. Would you mind if I shared your “who am I” cards with the other Sisters? My email is

  4. sony says:

    Great idea! Thank you for sharing. My email is

  5. Christie says:

    What a great idea! If you still have these, I would love to get a copy (No sense reinventing the wheel, right?!?! ;) ). My e-mail is pisgah13athotmaildotcom. Thanks! :)

  6. Pam says:

    I also would be interested in having a copy of this for my grandchildren to do at our house this Christmas Eve. Thank you for sharing this!

  7. Mindy McKibben says:

    Could I also have a copy of your cards to use for family home evening? Thank you. My email is

  8. Kristen says:

    How fun, I would love to play this with my kiddos if you would be so kind to email me the cards to Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  9. Crystal says:

    I would love the cards! I can’t wait to do this with my family!

  10. Cassi says:

    I would love a copy of your cards!

  11. Laura says:

    I would love to use the cards – will do this with my Sunday School class. If you would send the file, I would be so excited – thanks!

  12. Bbaca says:

    Would love a copy of the cards for FHE tonight. Thanks!!!

  13. desertrose09 says:

    I would love to share this activity with my little grandchildren. May I too please have a copy of your cards for the Nativity lesson? Thank you so much in advance!

  14. Debbie Pyle says:

    I know it is after Christmas but I just ran across this and would like to have a copy of your template cards. I have had this nativity set for many years now and my grandchildren love to play with it and I am also director of our Junior Church and would love to use it there too

  15. Kaitlin says:

    Could I get a copy of the cards? My email addresses

  16. Debi says:

    I would love a copy of the cards! My e-mail address is Thank you!!

  17. Mandy says:

    Oh, you’re still sending these cards? Happy day! Can I please request a copy at Thank you, and Merry Christmas!!! :)

  18. Susan says:

    Please send me a copy of the cards! Thanks in advance!!!

  19. Maureen says:

    I love this! Would you mind sharing your cards? Thank you so much!

  20. Julia says:

    My sil sent me to your site! Love it! Id love a copy of the cards!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  21. Laura says:

    I would appreciate a copy of your cards to use with my son’s preschool class! Thanks!- Laura

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