Is it really December?

The weather has been absolutely amazing as of late and the munchkins and I have been taking advantage to try and catch up on our yard work that has been greatly negelected.  Of course this in turn means my project to do list has likewise been neglected.  (who wants to stay inside to sew when it is this nice?)

One of the yard projects was to get our tulip bulbs we picked up in the spring planted.  Good thing the weather stayed warm so I could remember them!

I have also been attempting to do some leaf gathering.  However if you come by don’t judge to harshly.  Every time a good sized pile is formed it is a magnet for little boys.  We have seen lots of this:

and this:

Perhaps this is why we have more mulched leafs on our yard now than gathered ones? 🙂

Last week we also celebrated someones birthday(They prefer to remain nameless).  Purplicious was excited to try out her new cake stand and and start perfecting her skills. She decorated a mini cake right along side me.

My personal favorite was that she choose to place the persons age on her cake since I had neglected it on mine 🙂

Hope you have a marvelous Monday thanks for stopping by!

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