It’s great . . .

Last week we had the opportunity to celebrate Purplicious’ baptism.  We decided to throw a little luncheon/party following the ordinance.  It was great to have a chance to visit with  all the family who took time to come!

We went with the rainbow theme that matched her favorite Primary Song.  “When I am Baptized” (click on the link to hear the song) 🙂

We found lots of bright colored table cloths and I made two little banners to go along with our theme for the day.

We served Sloppy Joes, salads, veggies, chips and apples for the meal.  For dessert Purplicious opted for a cookie buffet full of all her favorites:

Our DIY Lofthouse type sugar cookie (Recipe HERE)

Chocolate chip and lemon cookies (recipe found HERE)

Buttery Spritz in 2 of Purplicious’ favorite colors purple and pink!

(Lesson learned for the day don’t attempt to move your banner on your own it causes spilled wheat everywhere and you so flustered you don’t notice until everyone is there that your last minute banner hanging idea has the WRONG side of the pipe showing and documented for forever) 🙂

A special shout out to all who came, helped with the delicious food and/or sent cards and emails.  It was a very special and Gr8 day for our family!

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