I know everyone else in the world has moved on to Thanksgiving but around here we are still slowly packing up Halloween!  I could move on until I posted a couple of pictures of my cute jack -o – lantern patch!

To make their costumes I roughly followed the Simplicity 2788 pattern.  I have to say though the actual instructions for this pattern are lacking.  For the modifications I made it turned out fine.  To actually make it the way I’m pretty sure they intended it would have been a little harder.

The first modification I made was to change the fabric type.  Instead of fleece I went with felt since I had a lovely bolt of orange felt I picked up a year or so back for an AMAZING price.

The 2nd modification was I decided not to line the whole pattern and use batting for stuffing.  Instead I opted for a partial lining out of some fabric I had inherited.  The plan was to stuff the costumes with newspaper when needed.  This way the costumes were easier to pack.  This also worked great when the munchkins needed to wear costumes to school and didn’t want to be big and fat and try to fit in a desk 🙂

For the back side of the costume I simply basted the lining pieces onto each piece of felt.  For the front it was more complicated.  I had to sew the lining pieces together.  Then after the jack -o-lantern faces were sewn on attach the lining.  I then stitched in the ditch around the faces to form each pocket for the stuffing to go in.

The 3rd modification was to add lots of length for Purplicious and Woody’s costumes.  (They fit weight and width of the pattern they were just a LOT taller)

The final modification was that I let the two older munchkins choose the face to go on their costume.

Our other success for Halloween this year.  We were able to grow our own pumpkins!  The munchkins were pretty dedicated this summer going out to water their pumpkins each day.

These were the fun faces they chose for their jack-o-lanterns

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