Wildcat Party

Woody recently had a birthday.  I thought we had decided on a monster theme however I couldn’t have been more WRONG!  When it came time to send out our e-vite I quickly learned that once again he was dreaming of a wild cat birthday.

“A what??” (thinking oh dear Wild Krat’s is his favorite TV show currently hmmmm)

“You know Wildcat mom” Woody replied.

“Like all the really awesome non fiction books about Siberian Tigers, Leopards and Jaguars we have been reading – wildcats?” I asked less than enthusiastically.

“Yeah Mom!”

So wildcats it was.

Step number one involved calling Grandma to let her know the change of plans and that our cake idea was out the window  Back to the drawing board to find a new one. (Grandma did TERRIFIC at this and I am exceedingly grateful that I was not star-tipping another  leopard cake upon arrival at her house!  Plus the leopard has been Woody’s constant companion ever since!)

We drafted a quick email invitation complete with leopard background and started searching for Wildcat games.  In the end we expanded a tad.

Game #1

Jungle animal charades.  After some prodding we convinced Woody that acting out just wildcats probably wouldn’t be so cool.  In the end he settled with a snake, elephant, cheetah, parrot, monkey and crocodile.  So after a quick Google image search we had pictures for our index cards.


The only rule was you couldn’t say the name of your animal.  The munchkins had a blast acting out their animals.

Game #2

Wild animal freeze dance.  Here’s the gist– play some music let the kids dance their hearts out, as the music stops call out an animal.  Everyone must then freeze in a shape that portrays that animal.  This was a BIG crowd pleaser.

Game #3

Roll a Wildcat

This is what our paper looked like:

Each number in the die equaled a body part.  You had to roll a 1 and 2 in order and then the number didn’t matter.  I quickly learned for our age bracket of our players getting one per roll was WAY to complicated.  We adapted to if you rolled the number you got all the parts ( i.e a 3 = both ears) and in some cases we partnered with an adult to be their artist.

As you can see we take our games very serious around here:

When you completed your cat you had to yell “I Caught a WILDCAT!” in order to win.  (We obviously take our winning equally serious around here!)

Throw in some presents, cake and ice cream and you have yourself a wildcat party!  If you have a wildcat lover and don’t mind my grade school art ability I would be happy to email you a copy of our Build a Wildcat game.  Simply leave a comment or email me.

Hope you have a Fabulous Friday!



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