Sunday Stitching

This weekend was our church’s General Conference which means many hours watching and listening as church leaders share with us their inspirational thoughts.  Not sure what it is you can click HERE to learn more.

As I listen I generally like to work on my stitching.  This year the munchkins started asking for a project they could work on during Conference too.  After a little research I decided we would give plastic canvas stitching a go. (I hoped too that this might allow a more peaceful conference watching at our house)

While I don’t think I necessarily heard more that I would normally or accomplished more on my stitching than I hoped.  Conference watching at our house did run smoother and by the end of the day Purplicious had mastered the technique and Woody was well on his way.  My new hope is that if we practice every so often for the next several months and by next Conference everyone can peacefully work on their own projects.

Ready to see their works in progress?  They started with acorns we are going to hang on our seasonal tree.




I found the pattern for the acorns at


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