Got Peppers? – revised edition

This week we had a surplus of peppers thanks to a visit to my dad and brother.  The kids and I were delighted since our plants haven’t really done much this year. 😦

Eagerly Purplicous put in her request for stuffed peppers.  So Monday that is what I did.  I pulled up the recipe on the blog and dove right in.

Sadly it wasn’t until the meal was in the oven I thought.

“Geez that meat sauce didn’t go very far this time.”

Then a few min. later ( don’t judge me I might be a little slow right now due to some late nights canning)

“Don’t I usually put rice in that meal?” I double checked my recipe.  Nope it doesn’t say to. “HMMMM”

Well at dinner after one bite I was certain something had gone awry.

After talking to the top chef (thanks Mom!) I discovered I had indeed completely left out a critical step!  (Well if you have meat lovers at your house they might disagree)

Anyway long story short I apologize if you made this meal up last year.  Please give it another try.  I promise it can be better than the rendition you tried.  Simply click on the link here to be taken to the newly updated version of Got Peppers!


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One Response to Got Peppers? – revised edition

  1. Alisa says:

    Mom brought me some peppers from the weekend too and I also made stuffed peppers! They were yummy! I made zucchini muffins the other day and left out the baking soda. Still good but a little “heavy”! haha

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