How to Stencil a cake

Over the weekend Thumper turned 2!  I tried valiantly to have him choose a cow, puppy, football etc. for a cake.  However when we Googled ball cakes a beach ball came up and their was no swaying his mind.

So a beach ball it was!

Today I thought I would share a quick cake technique anyone can do!  I learned this from my mom while growing up.  Below is just one example of a cake she made using a stencil.

As you can see the possibilities are endless.  The results are crisp and EASY!

Ready to give it a try?

Making the Stencil

First select your design.  I am so grateful for computers and Google image search that make this SIMPLE!  (Pretty sure my mom had to trace hers out by hand)

Tip: when searching for your designs often it is best to search for a coloring page of your item.  For example I searched for coloring page beach ball.  This is the image I chose:

Because my cake was 10 inches in diameter, I dropped the image into a 10X10 inch Photoshop document. Next I dropped that image into two 8 1/2  X 11 documents (once for the left side, once for the right side making sure I had an overlap point).

I printed each page on cardstock and cut out the pieces I wanted to stencil.
(ie the red, blue and yellow stripes)

TIP: For the stencil it’s best to print on a cardstock weight paper.  If tracing by hand a manilla folder works great.  I have even used construction paper when in a pinch.

Applying the Stencil to the cake

First prepare your cake base.  You need let the frosting sit at least 15-20 min. for it to form a “crust”.  This allows you to place your stencil on the top and not have it stick.

Once your cake and stencil are ready place stencil on the cake and lightly hold it in place while you frost over the parts you cut out.

As you apply your frosting be sure to smooth and level it before removing your stencil.  Once you have done this gently lift your stencil off the cake.

You should be left with just your stencil.  For my 2nd stencil I lined it up to the red and yellow striped edges.  Then I frosted my blue stripe repeating the method above.

I free handed the circle in the middle to add definition.
Then added the number 2 and the writing. 

Voila c’est fini! 

I hope you give stenciling a try!

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