Olympics part 2 – The Games

After opening ceremony’s it was onto the games!
(Click HERE if you missed it!)

First up the Snack Toss!


  • shower caps
  • shaving cream (1 bottle  = 4.5 heads)
  • orange Cheeto type snack food

Partner the kids up.  One partner wears the cap the other gets ready to throw the snacks! Place Shaving cream on shower cap.

(We found it worked best if you smooth the shaving cream down just a bit!)

Let the tossing begin!

(be prepared for lots of giggles!)

After a specified amount of time the winner
is whoever has the most Snacks that stuck to the shower cap!

(this activity idea came from Family Fun)

Next up in our Olympics we did a few bean bag tosses and relay’s.

Our big finally event was Archery!


  • Wooden skewers
  • corks
  • Targets
  • paint

 For this activity we created our target’s placed and placed our point value’s on them.  We decided it was worth 10 points if you made it on the board.  Then increasing 10 points each circle until the center that was worth 100 pts. To make the  arrows simply insert the skewers pointy end into the cork.  Dip in paint and you are ready to throw!

This event idea came from HERE at Toddler Approved

We finished each event up with an awards ceremony.  The girls designed our Fabulous Paper Plate Medals!

That wraps up our Fun Olympics for the year!

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