Olympic’s Part 1 – Opening Ceremony!

Did anyone miss me? 🙂

We had a great couple of weeks camping and spending time with lots of family!

One of the funnest activities we did was our Cousin Olympics!  It began with lots of busy bee’s helping finish up the prep work and creating our torch!

Each participant had the opportunity to create their “flame” for the torch.   Once the flames were finished we carefully taped them together onto our paper towel roll torch.

The campground we were at had the perfect loop for our torch relay.  The runners took their places around the loop and cheered each other on as the torch made its way around the campground.  It was fun to see everyone from the oldest cousin down to the youngest passing the torch and cheering everyone on!

Our second opening ceremony activity was to pass the flame.

Each participate was given an empty ice cream cone and then formed a line.  At the front of the line was our bowl of flame (AKA popcorn puff’s)  The lead took a scoop out of the bowl and carefully had to pass it on the the next person in line all the way to the back!

I found the original idea HERE on Toddler Approved

Once it was over the Olympians had a great feast!

See you Monday for Olympics part 2 !

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One Response to Olympic’s Part 1 – Opening Ceremony!

  1. Alisa says:

    I missed you and I love your blog and ideas and cuteness! Always have since the day you were born!

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