Whiskey Barrels

Well this post should help keep things real 🙂  Just over a year ago I finally got the whiskey barrels I had been wanting.  Then they sat . . . and sat some more.  I am happy to say those days are over!

We finally got the spot cleared from the flowers weeds for the barrel to go and then found flowers!  Now before you see the picture I have a minor disclaimer.  July may not be the best time to go buy flowers that are stunningly beautiful.

It is however a great time to get VERY discounted flowers.  Admittedly they didn’t look like much when we got them.  But I was determined to plant flowers this year so that is what we did.  As I tell my kids we got what we got.  Here is what our little barrel looked like about a week and a half ago.

Here it is tonight:


I am happy to report we have had some growth and those droopy little flowers seem to be making a come back!  Our middle row flower on the left has really taken off!

The munchkins have been excellent at making sure the plants are well watered!  I was also informed today that our forget me not seeds we planted in the backyard whiskey barrel are starting to come up too!

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