Projects and Life

This week was supposed to be relaxing.  For some reason that just didn’t happen!

  • I have been working on a new project:

Final pictures and a tutorial coming soon!

  • Taking care of my patient I’ll spare you the photo but Woody had a bike accident we are watching a tooth and he has/had two pretty swollen and battered lips, batter gums and a sweet bruise on the bottom of his chin.
  • Passing on my Primary Music things to the new music leader 😦

This meant converting a few files from psd doc’s to jpgs.  So I thought I would share a few over the next week or so.  In case anyone else is in Primary Music or needs to jazz up your FHE song time!

Today’s file ready to go is Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked (click HERE to listen to it)  This is the flip chart I made to go with the song.  (The images are clip art I found and I know I pulled a few pieces from other places unfortunately I don’t remember where.  If it is yours let me know and I will give you credit!

Click on the image below to get the PDF flip chart

I simply printed it out on colored cardstock.
(terrible picture but you get the idea)

We also did the following actions as we sang the song:

Walked – walk

Washed in Streams = rub hands together for washing in the stream

Worked = hammering action, or sawing or digging

Played = jumping rope

Sundays they camped = making a tent with finger tips pressed together

Read = making a book with open palms together

Prayed = fold arms


  • and finally I have been doing a TON of this:

yes dishes thanks to our dishwasher breaking this week!

That about sum’s up life here!  I hope everyone has a FABULOUS Friday!

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