Father’s Day

Today I thought I would feature the fun banner the munchkins made for Father’s Day.

To create it we cut out a bunch of ties on the Silhouette.  I simply found an image on the internet and turned it into a cutting file.  Then I handed them to the kids and told them to have fun!

After they were colored Purplicious put them in a pattern based on who created them and wrote a letter on each one. Then we hole punched the ties and strung them on yarn.

Now this may be an unfortunate grouping of letters I picked but I thought their artwork needed one close up shot.

The banner was a fun easy way to decorate and the munchkins did almost all of it themselves!

One other masterpiece the munchkins created for Father’s day was this family mural.

(I know it is hard to see due to the light coloring of the artists.  If you live in the area and want your personal showing it will be on display for 1 week) 🙂

The paper came in a package this week and I told the munchkins they could use it for whatever they wanted this week.  I loved how creative and thoughtful they were!

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