Strawberry Fruit Roll Ups

A few weeks ago a friend called to let me know about a great price on strawberries.  She told us they were big, BEAUTIFUL and delicious!  She couldn’t have been more right!

We randomly decided to pick up 3 flats

and try our hand at Strawberry Fruit Leather.  It was a big hit with 4/5 of us!  (the decanting vote doesn’t like anything dehydrated)

Want to make your own?  Here’s how!

Have your handsome assistant wash the strawberries while you hull and slice them until you have a blender full.

Next add a little bit of honey if its too tart.  We added just shy of  1/4 cup for blender full.

Blend really well!

Pour onto trays (if possible keep little fingers out – HA!) and place in dehydrator.

Start checking around 6 hours.  Ours took between 6-8 hours to dry.

Peel, roll and enjoy!

*if you aren’t a fan of the seeds you can strain them out.  We didn’t seem to mind though.

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