20 + minutes of freedom!

Yesterday was one of those days.  Purplicious is still sick, Thumper appears to be just starting the fun and Woody was stung by a wasp!

While the older two were glued to the big screen downstairs watching Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers.  Thumper and I were upstairs attempting to bring order back into the house.  (Have you had the experience of trying this with a BUSY 18 month old? Lets just say it was less than effective)

That’s when I noticed the pom poms strewn across the living room and an empty cottage cheese container lid.  I had a momentary light bulb go off.  I remembered the posts I had seen on the internet about poking holes in the lid for kids to push cotton balls through.

Why not give it a try?  No better time than RIGHT now!

So I grabbed a lid poked 3 holes in and handed Thumper two containers.  He went to town!  He spent time filling the container and practiced dumping them out.


Then when that didn’t spontaneously work.  He started poking the pom poms into the holes.

This my friends resulted of at least 20 minutes of freedom for me.

Which equaled BLISS!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!

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