May Day is almost here!

April Showers bring May Flowers!

Yesterday we decided to create May Day baskets to drop off around the neighborhood on Tuesday. (SHH don’t tell!)  We spent an afternoon

coloring and yes we take our coloring very seriously around here 🙂


(I loved how the basket cuts were the perfect skill for Woody and the flower/ petals were just right for Purplicious to practice!)

and gluing

which really meant we had a great time practicing to count to 20 or 15  . . .! (a lot!)

Then we put together our fun baskets.

We even dropped a few treats in the bottom for a sweet surprise too!

The munchkins and I are excited to drop them off on doorsteps Tuesday morning and hope we don’t get caught!

If you want to make a May Day basket to deliver click HERE to print your own.

You can also check out where I got the idea HERE

Hope to see you Wednesday when we share a fun treat I have planned for the munchkins to help with and take to their teachers to celebrate!

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