Leprechaun Traps


Are your traps set and ready?

Purplicous had to build a trap for school so she and her dad have been busy working!  After a little research they pulled out the tools and started working!  First they measured and cut the box and drilled it together. Then it was off to the painting lab where Purplicious decided on a light green inside and a dark green outside of the box.

The theme:  A museum featuring Princess Purplicous’s jewels!  The sign say’s Please don’t touch just look!  (Because you know that Leprechaun’s rarely obey what they are told).

The trap when the unsuspecting leprechaun steps onto the platform . . .

Wham the hidden box falls onto the leprechaun trapping him!


Woody was not going to be outdone!  So he and Grandma created a fabulous trap too!

Here’s how it works.  First the leprechaun climbs the stairs.

Say’s hello to the roof top people chilling in the garden and inspect the tree’s and flowers.

Hmm what is this grate for?  Could it be hiding a treasure? . . .

When the leprechaun cautiously steps out to check the game is up and down he goes trapped!

The traps are set and the munchkins are dreaming
of all the things they will do with the gold!

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