Music Review Idea

We are still working on Choose the Right for Primary which works since the  children  are already familiar with the new song this month Stand for the Right.

To spice up our review and get the kids moving I printed off small cards that went along with our pictures for the song.  I placed 12 on a page printed them in black and white on green paper and then cut them out so that each Primary child would have one picture.

When we started reviewing I had the teachers hand the cards out.  The children then stood up when their line of the song was being sung.   Once we finished I gave them to the count of 5 to swap cards with someone around them and we sung the song again.  We did a few rounds of this before moving on to some other songs.

All in all it worked pretty well and I did have good singers.  However, that might have been due to the fact that they knew we were picking good singers to help with our snow box next though!

Again I can’t take credit for this idea.  Unfortunately I also can’t seem to find where I did get it from.  Sorry!


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