Dr. Seuss Day

Did you celebrate Friday?

We certainly did!  It wasn’t quite the event I thought it would be but it worked and the kids had fun and that’s what counts!

Before I jump too far into this I am going to apologize that I do not have my sources for these ideas.  I got them either off of blogs or pinterest.  I can’t remember currently and well I’m too lazy to go search them out!

Our first activity of the afternoon was creating this years hats!  We went with the cat in the hat again but this time out of a paper plate.  The muchkins did a great job coloring in each and every red stripe!

Next it was food prep time

Before we start though take a quick glance at the picture and see if you can guess the books these foods were from!  Bonus points if you are correct!

Ready or not here we go:

One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish
(the kids opted for either blue or green I chose green because I find blue Jell-o disgusting!)
Jello jiggler fish

Cat in the hat fruit kabobs

and last but not least
(please excuse the crummy picture perhaps its the less than appealing food coloring
or the lack of photographer know how EEK!)

Green eggs and ham (of course!) Our Stars upon thar’s biscuits and pink ink yink drink!  Served up on fancy platters and with fun flower straws!

The overall favorite food was the pink ink yink drink.  You can find our recipe HERE

We finished the night reading what else but Dr. Seuss books!

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