80th Birthday Cake

Before I begin today’s post I want to give a BIG shout out to EVERY ONE of my 7 voters!


I really appreciate you taking a moment out of your time to come read
this little old blog and vote too.

Now without further ado here is the 80th Birthday cake!

Ruffles were the overall winner on our little contest so that is what I did for the bottom 10-inch round cake.  The ruffles make your hand tired but otherwise they are EASY PEASY I highly recommend them if you need a quick fancy cake.

The top cake was an 8-inch round and I did a 1.5″criss-cross with a #18 (I think) star at the cross points.  Both of the cakes were yellow cake with a Lemon pie filling for the middle and Buttercream frosting.

I had been undecided what to place on the top of the cake and the day of we found out that candles were not going to be a possibility.  So instead we went down to our local grocery store and picked up a beautiful flower bouquet to go on top.  (THANKS MOM!)

I think it finished off the cake nicely.  Don’t you agree?

A fun family note the pedestal the cake is on was first used at my Grandma’s wedding then at mine followed by my sisters!

Last but not least here I am with the Birthday Girl just before cutting the cake.


I think it is safe to say that the cake was enjoyed by everyone who tried it!  A big thanks to my dad for all the great pictures of the cake and to my husband for his slow and steady driving to the final destination too!

If you made it clear to the end of this monster post I hope you have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!

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