Wood transfer!

So a while back on Pinterest I saw a YouTube video about transferring a photo onto wood.  You can check the actual video clip here:(Be forewarned the tune accompanying the video WILL stick in your head FOR-E-VER!) 🙂

Neat!! Right??

I was finally able to locate the gel medium and this week I put it to the test on 2 small blocks of wood.  Hoping that it worked because then I want to make a LARGE version for my shelf.

Here was the original piece I was working from
(yes minus the blurred children’s faces but one can’t be too careful right??)
it is a composite the kids and  I created last year for the Grandparents.

My first question was would it work with my regular old desk jet printer?

  The second question was could it transfer color ink in addition to black?

  The answers . . .

love love2

Yes to both!

I am guessing the black and white photo would have been crisper had I used a
laser jet printer.  I may have to locate one for my final project.  You can also tell I didn’t get enough gel around the edges of my first trial.  But for a first try I think I did all right!

Hope you all have a FABULOUSLY FUN FRIDAY!

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