Wow time keeps flying fast!  This week Woody and I were finally able to knock one of our long standing to do’s off the list!

We created these beauties:


I don’t have pictures of the process because well . . . I forgot 🙂

Here’s the low down though:

  • Gather some old cans (baking powder, Gerber wheel puff’s, old school Similac cans).  Wash them out then peel the paper off if they have one.
  • Cardstock or scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Paper Cutter (optional but slick!)
  • double sided tape or hot glue
  • Something to decorate with (crayons, markers, stickers etc)

Measure your can, cut the paper to size and attach it to the can. Now you can decorate it to your hearts content!

Woody picked out the lettering he liked so that we could label each can.  Then picked some other stickers to use to decorate each can as well.

Tithing & Spending (he already has his piggy bank savings can)

Now he is ready to implement the 10/50/40 plan!

10% for tithing

50% for Savings

40% left for Spending on whatever he chooses. (Can you hear the wheels turning about all of the possibilities?)

Just so Purplicious doesn’t feel left out we are going to feature the banks she made a few years ago as well 🙂

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