Gung Hey Fat Choy!

Did you know that Monday was Chinese New Year?  Hopefully you had a great time celebrating the year of the Dragon!  Some fried rice was definitely in order 🙂

On a Musical Note Chinese New Year lent itself perfectly for singing time!  Here’s a quick recap!

6-8 red envelopes ( I didn’t have any so a piece of red paper glued onto a coin envelope worked in a pinch!)

6-8 gold coins with songs written on them.

4 Dragons (you could use more or less) be forewarned this part gets a little crazy 🙂   You can find a link to the original idea HERE and the Dragon I used HERE.

The game plan:     Play Rock, Paper, Scissors.  (You might want to brush up on your skills consequently I was TERRIBLE at this game!)  If the kids win they get to open a “lucky” red envelope and pull out the coin with a fun action song to sing (such as “Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes”) if I win then we have to review our new song “As a Child of God”

Then while we were singing I also picked out my 4 top singers each time to parade around the room with the dragons. (I actually had 4 different colored dragons however, one of the Primary teachers wanted to borrow them for her school classroom this week so you only get to see 1) Before we started the dragon parade I made sure to state that the dragon’s had to WALK and stay in the Primary room 🙂

It was a great easy peasy activity plus it shared a little information about another culture to the kids and was festive!





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