The BIG project!

For my BIG sewing project.  I didn’t just make 1

or 2

but 3

Bean bags!  (yes this might have been a crazy undertaking)  If you wonder why the fabric combinations are a little interesting well  . . .  you need to know what my goal was.

To only use fabric from my hoard stash of fabric.


made it.

Due to a random awkward piece cut out of one the main pieces of fabric (discovered mid project) I did have to break down and purchase 1 piece.  (It’s the fun car piece I had been eying for several months at the fabric store).  That was it though!

For the liners I used old sheets my mom was getting rid of this summer.
(Shhh don’t tell my boys the inside of their bags is pink and flowery!)

I used this pattern HERE

I did make a few minor changes.  On all of the liners I added a zipper.  The longest regular ol’ zipper I could find.  The first zipper took me a lifetime and is far from perfect!  But by the time I hit my final zipper I could knock it out much faster.  Still not perfect but no one is looking that close right?

On 2 of the bean bags I used hook and loop tape like the pattern says.  I personally found the instructions a little challenging.  Plus they never seemed to line up great for me.  So on the 3rd bag I put in a zipper.  MUCH quicker in my book and it worked great!

On the “girly” bean bag I made for Purplicious I added an extra 1 1/2 inches all the way around the pattern piece.  If I had enough fabric I probably would have done that to Woody’s as well.

So there you have it!  The bean bags are a HUGE hit!  Woody prefers to use his as a bouncing bag. (Simply run as fast as you can and jump just before impact)  Thumper likes to hide under his or flop in exhaustion!  Purplicious uses hers to read in just about every morning!

Want to know another great use?

YUP!  Uncle Sandwich!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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