Santa treat!

Woody was assigned treats for Preschool this week and we had a lot of fun making
Santa grahams!

To see the actual tutorial go HERE.
Below is a list of my Peanut Free substitutions and a tip for red frosting.


  • Frosting
  • Graham Cracker
  • Red Dots
  • Red Mike and Ike candy
  • Marshmallows

RED FROSTING TIP:  To get red I colored it the night before let it sit for about 6 hours and then added more red food coloring then let it sit over night.
Not perfect red but a bit closer!

Woody was also having a pajama party the same day.  When we took a good look at his current jammies we discovered new ones were greatly needed if he was going to wear them outside of the house!  Who knew he had grown so much!

We finished them up with a basketball patch on the front so they wouldn’t be “too boring!”  I simply ironed on a piece of fusible interfacing to the back of the fabric so it wouldn’t stretch when I was sewing it.


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