Musical Mittens

Here’s an idea for any Primary music people out there.  It’s called Merry Musical Mittens.

The long and short of it.  Gather string, a few binder clips, mittens and some objects to place in each mitten.  Then the kids can come up and choose a mitten and you sing the song that corresponds.  SO EASY and fun!  Here is a close up of what my objects were:

Top Row:

1. ) Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus

2. )  Once there was a Snowman

3.)  Christmas Bells 
(* Special Note when the child pulls out the bell don’t exclaim “Look it’s a Jingle Bell!”  It makes it a little more challenging to direct the children to the right song!)

4.)  Do as I’m doing with Christmas action cards

Second Row:

1.)  Away in a Manger

2.) Star were Gleaming

Not sure what Primary Music is?  You can click HERE to learn about the Children’s Songbook these songs came from Or go here to listen to my favorite song out of the titles listed above be sure to click on the circle that says Music and Words then play!

The idea for Merry Musical Mittens come from a blog called the Beehive Messages you can find the exact post here.  She has a very festive cute rendition with a take home activity as well.


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One Response to Musical Mittens

  1. Kelly says:

    Mark has to sub for the chorister on Sunday. I will show this to him it will be perfect! Thanks for posting it. I knew you would be great at that calling:)

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