Reunion Time again~ fiesta!

Today we are bouncing back to our fabulous reunion from the summer again!  Remember here I told you about my amazing mom and all the fun themes she had.  Today we are going to talk about our fiesta day!

To celebrate (well OK I need to be honest here I took at nap that afternoon and have NO idea what games the munchkins and their cousins played ~ I do however have a list of what the possibilites were so I am going to add that and I’m sure I will get feedback from someone) 🙂

  • Jumping Beans
    This is a good fiesta party game for the younger kids and gets them to use up a lot of energy. Explain that a Mexican jumping bean has a type of caterpillar pupa inside and that when it gets warm, the caterpillar starts to twitch and fidget which makes the beans jump. Put on some Mexican music and get the kids to jump about like the beans but when the music stops, everyone has to stand very still. Any ‘bean’ caught twitching is out and can then be your helper in spotting the next twitching bean.
  • Pass the Sombrero
    A bit like ‘pass the parcel’ but instead the kids have to pass a sombrero. Sit the kids in a circle, put on some Mexican music and get the kids to pass round the sombrero. Each time it is passed to them, they have to place it on their head for a second. When the music stops, the kid wearing the sombrero is out of the game or he has to do a dance in the middle of the circle.
  • Mexican Hat Dance  This simple game is appropriate for very young players. Form a large circle around a sombrero, a large-brimmed Mexican hat. Play fiesta style music and give one person a set of maracas, a Mexican instrument made of wood or paper mache and filled with dried beans. The player dances around the hat a few times and then hands the maracas off to someone in the circle, who becomes the next dancer.

The final activity for the day was of course . . .  Piñatas!!

I used this tutorial HERE to make a Piñata for each of the munchkins!  I did double bag the older 4 munchkins.  Wanted them to have more of a challenge . . .  Not sure we would do that again they were pretty tough to open!  We also cheated and placed there goodies in a zip lock bag for easier gathering and moving on to the next anxious munchkin ready to take a swing!

And that sums up Fiesta Day OLÉ!

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