Repurposing Crayons

This was a fabulously fun activity!  The munchkins and I decided to try our hand at making round crayons from all the broken crayons we had around the house! (and as a favor for Purplicous’s art party)

First step gather up all the broken crayons.  We sorted ours out Crayola vs. other.  I knew from reading on the blogosphere that Crayola worked best and since we were under a time crunch I just stuck to those this time around.

Next up we pulled off the wrappers.  I quickly learned that slicing down the wrapper with an Xacto knife saved oodles of time!

Once the wrappers were off Woody was our crayon sorter.  He placed all crayons by colors into different bowls.

The next step was to break the crayons into @ 1/4 – 1/2 size pieces.

Then we placed whatever color combo of crayons we wanted into the bottom of a muffin tin. (NOTE:  Don’t use one you eat with unless you put a liner in it!  I picked up a muffin tin for $0.97 at Walmart for this project)


Place tin in oven preheated to @ 250 degree’s (can go hotter but watch carefully!)


I let the crayons sit for about 7 minutes and then watched until they were mostly melted.  Pull tin out of oven and let sit on the counter until you can touch the pan. If you want a swirl pattern use a toothpick and do it as soon as you pull the pan out of the oven.

Then place in the fridge 5-10 minutes until completely cool.  Remove from fridge and tip upside down over a towel or rag. (this keeps the crayons from breaking as they come out of the tin)

Voila brand new fun multi colored crayons!

HERE is a link to one of the MANY blogs out there with a more official post about how to melt down crayons.

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