Art Party part 2

We started our art party off with a lot of prayer that the weather would be warm and nice!  Thankfully it cooperated!

Our first activity as everyone arrived was to paint 2 big murals.  I simply took 2 boxes we had left over from a rather large purchase this summer placed them over 2 sawhorses trimmed the edge off and viola perfect canvas’s!

Before our guests arrived I wrote in paint Happy Birthday Purplicious!

Then I left out paint and brushes as the guests arrived them went to town painting the murals all over!  It was great fun.

Next up we headed to the backyard where we created foam door hangers.  The glitter glue was a HUGE hit.  We also had pom poms, sequins, foam shapes and googly eyes to put on our hangers.   After the door hangers we pulled out the shrinky dinks (and we found out if you know what that means you must be old! ~ or very very young because they are making a comeback!) 🙂   We tried out both the clear shrinky dink and colored.  Clear is MUCH easier to work with.  The colored is a bit finicky.  The best tip I can give you is cook on a lower temp for longer!

While we waited for everyone to finish and the next activity to get set up we played a rousing game of paint paint paper!  (AKA duck duck goose)

Our next art activity was to design covers for our sketch books.  Before the party we used a binding machine to create sketch books for each child.  Basically 1 sheet of cardstock cut in half with 10 sheets of paper cut in half as well and bound together at the top.  The kids used stamps, stickers and markers to decorate their books.

After the sketch books came the black crayon scrape.  Most thought this was pretty cool to see what colors would show up!  After this we decorated cupcakes!  Each child was given a plain white frosted cupcake.   On the table I had several different colors of frosting with different decorator tips, lots of sprinkles and some skittles candies for the kids to create their masterpieces!

Our final project was to use creature clay to play pictionary with.  We had 3 kids at a time all sculpt out the same picture while the others guessed.

Once we had finished all of this and opened presents it was time for parents to arrive so we headed out front again and filled the driveway full of sidewalk chalk designs!

As each guest left they were handed a goody bag that Purplicious helped me put together:


  •  Multi color crayon (tutorial coming soon!)
  • Creature Clay Kits (Play dough, googly eyes and pipe cleaners cut to various sizes)
  • Stamp
  • Chocolate Artist palette and thank you card (tutorial coming)
  • pencil, pen and small water colors
  • Art work from party

That’s a wrap of our very fun art party!

PS  Some shameless begging ~ Please someone (other than my mom whom I love) enter my giveaway and help sagging self esteem 🙂  You can find the post HERE

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