Purplicious had a birthday part 1

Last week it was birthday time again!  This year Purplicious decided to go with an art theme.  For her cake I made a paint palette.

I loved how quick and easy  this cake was to create!

I used the medium sized Paisley pan from Wilton.  Frosted the entire cake in white butter cream. Then used a measuring cup (1/3 I think) to decide where my paint splotches should be.  Then I mixed up little bits of lots of bold colors and litterally just plunked the frosting onto the cake.

The hardest part was making the paintbrush.  For it I used part of one large tootsie roll.  Microwaved it for about 14 seconds (7 seconds at a time) until it was soft enough to mold.  Then shaped into the brush.  I repeated the same steps with a banana laffy taffy for the brush.  This is what I had:

I thought it was lacking something so I placed a little bit of food coloring on a toothpick and traced the lines for the bristles into the paintbrush.   It wasn’t perfect but it worked.  I think it looked cooler from a distance than up close.

One quick tip!   Place on a piece of parchment or wax paper as it hardens back up.  Otherwise it will stick to whatever surface you place it on.

Once the paintbrush was finished I decided on its placement and wrote Happy Birthday on the cake.  Finishing the whole cake off with a shell border around the bottom!

That pretty much sums it up!  Come back Monday for Part 2 the ART Party!

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